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2020, March 9


We at The TIE Up endeavor to make your dreams a reality. This is the mantra that drives us to create unique and exclusive events to suit our individual tastes and needs.

Event Management & wedding is what The TIE Up is known to serve with perfection

With a strong belief in exceptional service for distinctive events and occasions. We and our versatile and experienced team strive to fulfill your dream with dedicated designing and production.

Someone had wisely said that “We do not remember the days, but rather the moments.”

We commit to making these moments special. We work with our clients as a team. Our work hymn is to perform as equal partners to their dreams.



We design your fairy tale Event Management Wedding personalized to your desires and fitted to your vision. An essential part of our lives is to be united in traditions and to be united in love. The TIE Up family promises to be at your side.

" We take the steps with you on your most special day. Our team takes a special interest in making you and your beautiful occasion even more attractive. They strive to ensure that the Decor is designed to the curated elements."

Our dedicated grooming and photography team act hand in hand to better each moment. Our team pays attention to the last detail to tailor your wedding album to your dream story. The shoots and coverage are divided into pre-wedding shoot and wedding shoot . This includes covering all the different celebrations and traditions. With us, you’re in the best of hands for wedding planning and designing the day of your dreams. We curate each moment and style and customize each step of your special day.

An important part of the big fat Indian wedding is the catering. Our F&B service is of the highest standards and the content even more delicious. The entertainment at The TIE Up is something that we take the utmost pride in.

With the best in the service, we promise nothing less than a Bollywood extravaganza. Our squad helps make your dream wedding a reality by providing you with a customized service.


Destination Wedding

This includes a Destination Wedding. It is designed to the last detail. At exotic destinations, your dream wedding is designed. The TIE Up also provides Signature Weddings. This is our gold class service for the most elegant of couples to cater to the highest of class and taste. (Event Management)


Quarantine Wedding

We try to make the dreams of couples and families come true. The TIE Up bring smiles on the faces sour due to the imposed quarantine, and also under the strictest hygienic and sanitized environment. We design a unique and special Quarantine Wedding in this pandemic struck world for brides and grooms who had to put their plans on hold.

Our team brings you special and quirky Lockdown Weddings where we conceptualize a social distancing and safety first event where we keep your relatives connected with live updates and video calls and give them a long-distance insight into your house that would have been transformed into a beautiful venue. Our Unique solution for Unique circumstances.

The TIE Up family also helps revisit the memories of your special day with our Anniversary event planning. We believe that you should play the film of the memories of your special day again and again.

And thus, we hold your hands and take steps side by side. We want to design your every minute and every second permanently in your hearts. Your every instant is preserved as art. Recently we did a three-day extravaganza to bring a couple more closer to the commemoration of their special day in Jaipur. (insert visuals)


Brand Events

The Brand is a reflection of business and management of the highest levels. Here the strife for success comes with hard work and determination. We provide the same dedication and service in curating your events. A team designs the event exactly according to your need and necessity.

The product launch is important for a  client or corporation/service as it involves Public Relation management that should ensure the success of the product amongst its customers.

We curate such a venue and event that successfully launches the product. The starting of such an event or service, organization, center of any kind requires the right kind of attention to bring in clients, customers, or employees.

Experts at the TIE UP help design it as an event that attracts the right kind of crowd and attention to the start of your service/centre. We take care of the decoration, invitation, and press coverage/public relations to the highest professional standards.

(insert visuals of clients)

Events. Parties. Promotions of extraordinary levels and an extravaganza of the highest standards is part of everyday life in the 21st century.


Special Shows

We bring you the best with no compromises and the biggest in entertainment. This includes Fashion Shows of exquisite display of the best in the field of style and glamour.

For this, we provide nothing but the best in production value and entertainment. The show and the after-party shows the highest standard of service in designing . We set up a complete package in production value of sound, light, decorations, truss, and LEDs at the venue such that they reflect the best visuals in performance and complement each moment.

Our grooming team, choreographers, and fashion experts stand at the ready with great zeal to fulfill all your requirements. The TIE UP provides for the best in the business to receive the best in the business in terms of public attention, services and hospitality, and opportunities that best compliment their talent.


Artist Management

Our Artist Management team of experts curate the artists’ unique set of talents, and public and media image to bring the best of opportunities to them. We deliver a handpicked lifestyle for our best.

Some of our clientele include BanBrd who’s a resident DJ for many popular clubs, party venues and other extravagant events. Tanishq who’s featured on VH1 and major Music venues and festivals. DJ Sangam who’s our Resident DJ for major events. Mudra, a versatile talent in the field of music with expertise in percussion instruments, to name a few.

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We have years of experience in the lifestyle and service industry. The TIE Up ensures that the events are tailor-made because we want your interests with attention to detail. Our team caters to a committed client relationship with Tenacity, Ideas, and Events.

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