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2020, March 9


The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage.” —William Lyon Phelps

Like William Phelps mentioned, wedding tubes happiness, it’s something special. It’s totally a different stage of life that everyone should witness with their true love or soulmate.

A wedding is a one-time event for most people and will probably be the biggest and most complicated celebration in their whole life. Finding your true love is difficult and if you found them, great, and if you are marrying them, you just might be the luckiest person!

Deciding who will be the lucky one whom you’ll say ‘I do’, is special. You just accepted someone to be with forever. With your good times, they’ll share smiles with you. In your worst days, they’ll be the shoulder to rely on. Life becomes so much meaningful when you have someone to share every moment of yours. If you just want to enjoy during your wedding, contact The TIE Up, well manage everything.

Wedding- linking hearts

A wedding is a social ritual or ceremony where two hearts are united to be one till eternity. Different cultures celebrate weddings in different types. But one thing is common in all cultures, the fun, and happiness. It’s a time when friends and family come together to share the joy with the bride and the groom.

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A Hindu wedding is a complete dose of various activities in three to four days. It starts with the most crucial pre-wedding ceremonies not only in Hindu weddings but in other religions as well, the event of engagement. It is mostly a private one with close relatives and friends from both the bride and groom’s side.

Then comes the beautiful event of Mehndi which takes place usually in the night amidst a lot of dancing and music by the family units and friends. While the bride has to sit for hours to get the Mehendi art done, the friends and other female members celebrate by dancing.

This time of your life will be filled with ten thousand moments you won’t want to forget, as well as some frustrating times that you’ll need to discharge about, and not necessarily to your partner. It’s just so beautiful.

Then comes a grand wedding followed by a reception to end the perfect Hindu wedding.

You are so happy and boom, you started thinking about all the wedding planning and chores.

How will you plan a wedding? What kind of outfit will you buy and wear? How much would the wedding dress cost? How you’ll decide the food?

And you are all stressed up.

A wedding involves a lot of steps.

Some of the things to keep in mind are :

  • Creating a Guest List
  • How to Pick a Wedding Date
  • Tips for an Affordable Wedding
  • Beautiful decoration
  • Choosing a Venue
  • Invitations
  • Photos and Videos
  • Ceremony and vows
  • Hospitality of Guests
  • Food
  • Reception

If we must tell these are only a few of the many steps involved in planning a wedding.

Some things like planning a budget, we suggest to not spend anything until you’ve set a practical fund that won’t extend you too far. . Don’t skip to account for extra costs like dress alterations, gifts, and glamour expenses.

Few things to keep in mind before all rush

Again this will happen once in your life so you don’t want to be skeptical about spending money but at the same time, you and your partner are starting a new life ahead so you should also just waste money. That’s why if you fix a budget earlier you won’t have to think about it later.

One more important thing to do beforehand is to sort a guest list early. It is important so you can then focus on discovering the perfect venue that will cater to your chosen quantity of guests. Calculating costs per head will vastly likely be your biggest expenditure.

You should be guilt-tripped into inviting people you don’t want to come like your barber or the friend you were talking to in 10 years and crashed you in the mall. It’s the biggest and hardest judgment in the whole wedding planning process, but it has to be done with your partner beforehand so that you don’t increase your budget.

Weddings can be stressful for both brides and grooms. Not only are they about to enter into a new stage in their lives, but they are also about to throw a party that’s possibly larger and more lavish than any they’ve thrown before. They and their guests will remember the wedding celebration forever and will judge of smallest details.


When it comes to wedding planning, there’s no right or wrong manner to do it. 

Weddings are a lot to take with all celebrations, maintaining guests and all those hard small details to configure. Consider hiring a wedding planner or consultant if you think it’s just too much for you and you just want to enjoy the special times.

Particularly if you are a busy person and cannot figure everything out you should consider hiring a wedding planner. After all, it’s the biggest day of your life and you might not want to mess up things. In fact, a professional wedding planner with a load of experience can save you a lot of money with time!

From setting up a practical wedding budget to arranging a wedding genius plan that maps out all the little details, from ceremony music, flowers, etc a good wedding planner manages it all elegantly.

They also must show you the best and most unique locations in the area, considering your wedding extent, budget, and vision.

Capturing your perfect moments for you to remember your life is one of the things that should not be sacrificed on. You’ll see these pictures after several years and remember those sweet moments. A good wedding planner brings good photographers with them.

In short,

A good wedding planner will help you with everything.

A wedding is just something special to feel and nobody should sacrifice for taking that feeling with full happiness and fulfillment. That’s our motto and we give our best in making your day special.

If you’ve come down till here, you might have been stressed about your wedding. Don’t you worry, everything will be just fine?

A Very Happy Wedding to you!

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