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2020, March 9


“Photography is a story I fail to put into words.”, said Destin Sparks.
The PhoTIE team in The TIE Up family makes sure you have plenty of pages filled with these words to immortalize your essence.


Why PhoTIE?

Our team invests in Photography and Cinematography to capture your memories because at The TIE UP we believe that you should relive the special moments of your brand, your event, and your special day again and again.


The TIE Up is always beside our clients and prospects to frame each minute and every second of the visualization of their products and services. As well as events, permanently in the hearts of their audience. We persevere to make sure each instant is preserved as art.

How we work!

PhoTIE sits with our designers and concept team to better each moment. It does it through attention to the last detail and tailors the brand and product visibility to be the clients’ dream vision.


Prathamesh with Akshita, Animesh, Neema, and Akshay is our in-house expert professionals with varied experience in this field. They help us write their visuals using the best of technology and equipment that captures stills, concepts. They also employ unique cinematography skills to cover the concepts, occasions, and events in high definition.



We provide a variety of services under this as visual solutions for our clients, to market to their audience. This includes Photography wherein we present a wholesome and inclusive palette to cater to the taste of our clients. Our Shoots and Coverage include Brand Photography, Concept Shoots, Product Shoots, and Event Coverage (Entertainment, Corporate, and Weddings). We have a dedicated production team catering to each detail with utmost precision and tenacity.

Under Brand Photography, PhoTie captures the essence of the brand, it’s vision and mission and markets it uniquely for our audience. Concept shoots merge into this along with tailoring other individual talents, products and services, and events. Videography is the second layer of the cake. It gives a more digitally interactive visual of the product, service, and talent of our clients. This allows more networking and visibility for the brand and allows it to seep into a wider consumer base. This includes Advertisements for all Online Platforms like Social Media and Digital Spaces, Behind-the-Scenes, Wedding Stories, and Event Features.



This is a unique element of this palette. We use it as the cherry on top of the icing to give a larger than life optics for our cinematography. This helps woo a larger audience for our clientele prospects and makes sure the imprint has more permanence and depth.

The PhoTIE team is our dedicated Photography team. It takes into account current trends, the core of the client’s vision, and the audience requirements into one Michelin star visual dish. Exactly when The TIE Up is the restaurant for brand building, digital marketing, and event management, then PhoTIE is the chef’s special.

Our crew put up a large event for one of our cherished clients in Jaipur earlier this summer. And the PhoTIE team was integral in permanently imprinting the concept and memories in everyone’s hearts. (insert pictures)


PhoTIE X Weddings

Our Wedding events and its production team are some of the essential elements of our organization. We strive to curate the whole event to the desires of the couple and their respective families. The TIE Up ensures the highest standards on your special day, it also works with a talented team to make sure it’s one of a kind.  The PhoTIE squad combines our three elements in a beautiful intrinsic way for your Pre-Wedding and Wedding Ceremony shoots. This ensures that the celebrations and traditions are captured in beautiful eternity to be lived every day. We help you get your dream wedding with customized and tailored service to the last detail. And the PhoTie team works with great zeal to make it a story for the ages. All under the careful and expert supervision of Pro aka Prathamesh and his team

Alfred Stieglitz had rightly said that “In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality”.

The PhoTIE team works with our conceptualization team to tell a distinctive story of the products and services of our clients. That’s as real as real can be.

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